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Mental Health Services Provided

Adult Psychotherapy


Adjustment to life transitions such as relocation, college, marriage,separation, divorce, loss and bereavement.Treatment of anxiety, depression, panic attacks, phobias, and trauma.Managing stress at home, work, or school.Interpersonal issues with partners, children, parents, colleagues.Issues of low self esteem.Post traumatic stress.Mitigate troublesome behaviors, thoughts, compulsions, beliefs andemotions to improve relationships and social skills.Alleviate emotional pain or confusion while helping you find balance in yourlife.Regain sense of control and learn healthy coping techniques as well asnew problem solving skills.Feeling stuck and wishing to make a positive healthy change in your life.Any issue pertaining to your unique situation and life experience.

My Unique Approach to Psychotherapy

My approach to psychotherapy is a result of over 20 years working withindividuals and couples and discovering what is most helpful during a timeof struggle with anxiety, depression or life transition.


Creating goals for psychotherapy


My first step in the psychotherapist/client relationship is defining whataspects in your life need to be adjusted and addressed.I believe in a collaborative relationship that is solution focused andemphasizes utilizing strengths to help reach defined goals.


Creating strategic plans


I take an active approach in psycho education, teaching clients methods tofeel better while coping with anxiety, depression, or a crisis.I customize strategies for each unique individual that can work on a dailybasis to give one the ability to leave each session armed with a plan ofaction to follow.This can include relaxation exercises, breathing techniques, meditation andother coping mechanisms to aid in addressing problematic thinking practices and the negative feedback loop.In couples counseling and in working on personal relationship struggles, Ifacilitate constructive straightforward guidelines to learn new and effective ways to communicate.




In treatment, the individual is not only assessed from the environmentaland social perspective but the entire mind/body connection is taken intoaccount. Collaboration with integrative medicine, and primary physicians is a largepart of my practice to ensure the entire scope of the individual is addressedholistically.


Creating a warm positive environment


Psychotherapy doesn’t have to be torture.

My goal is to create a relationship of trust between client and therapist.When working in a collaborative process there is room for humor, laughterand even joy.

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