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"I can’t thank Dina enough for helping me work through the darkest time inmy life.I never had any depression until I was in my 60s and then it seemed like itwould never go away. Dina stuck with me and encouraged me when I wasreally starting to lose hope I would ever get better.Now, I am back at work after taking a leave and feel so much happier!I am grateful for having found her!"

V. a nurse and married mother of three adult children and grandchildren

"This review is for Dina Niewood, from the Center for Transformation.A few months ago I felt stuck and decided to do some therapy to see if ithelped.The sessions I had with Dina really helped me reframe my anxieties andreview my priorities to help me get out of the rut I was in. Just even talkingto her was helping me put order in my thoughts, thanks to the questionsshe was asking about why or how I had this or that feeling.After a while, she and I worked so well together, I was able to do the workon my own.I would recommend her warmly to anyone who needs help and supportduring trying times."

J. a professional business woman from Paris

"I just want to say thank u for all you have done for me. I came into therapy with you very upset and anxious and wasn’t doing well at all. And now I am so much happier, less anxious and completely different grown person! You truly helped so much and I will be forever grateful for what u did for me!"

C. a first year college student

"Dina is great! I am very picky about my therapists but I highly recommendDina.She just seemed to get it and me. I have social anxiety and she was just soeasy to talk to about everything.Now, I feel like things are better in my marriage and as a mom of a twoyear old!"

S. a young married mother in her early 20s

"I came to Dina looking for some help during my separation from my wife.She was able to listen and understand without judgement. We are nowdivorced and I am so thankful for all the support and guidance I receivedwhile in therapy. I never could have survived that time alone without Dina’shelp and insights."

B. a young businessman

"I was very nervous starting couples therapy with my husband, I was afraidworking on our issues might lead to a divorce. As soon as I met Dina I feltat ease and knew I came to the right therapist. It was not all easy andcarefree but my husband and I have a much better understanding of eachother now. We learned how to work with each other by learning newstrategies to communicate our feelings and respecting boundaries. Weeven laughed a lot in therapy and it was comforting to know that our issueswere fixable and we could have a healthy positive relationship despite ourdifferences."

D & T a couple with three young children

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